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I was physically very sick and emotionally drained. He had just gotten out of prison and it was my first time seeing him in 3 years since he and I stopped talking 2 years before he was locked up. I forgot I had it because the person I was with captured it, put it in a jar next to his bed, and watched me die. He had a birthday party in LA and my friend was the promoter. I left a video message for him, like everyone else did, saying happy birthday and many, many more. So, I would meet people at places like the grocery store. So, when writing Vindicated, it was difficult to explain the cycle of abuse and how long it went on--7 years.

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So, when it comes to my interpersonal relationships with men, of course, a lifetime of abuse vastly affected everything I did. Also, I've had a spiritual life coach for the last 15 years and I started psychological therapy back in 2006 while writing my second book. I wanted to know what the statistics were when a young girl in her formative years is beaten, and raped. I had questions about the self-mutilation and other things that I was doing in my 20's.

I always came from a place of abuse, actually wanting, welcoming, and accepting it because that was my language. I wanted to know where those behaviors came from and it helped me to be a better writer.

In this captivating, candid interview, Karrine exposes the truth behind the video vixen persona, Lil' Wayne, and much more. My first abusive relationship was with my mother and so, abuse has always been my language. As for the healing, that comes from the writing, from living and writing. That's why I never regret sharing because it's part of my healing!

KS: I think the ongoing misconception, and it has been for almost ten years, is that I live some sort of wild, sex-crazed life (laughs), whereas the truth of the matter is that in the last 7 or 8 years I've been married several times and have done very little dating. It took me 33 years to teach myself a new language and so, being brought up in an abusive household--never feeling loved, always feeling put upon, being abused sexually as a child, being raped--all of those things formulated the woman I was, who I am, and who I am becoming. My writing is innate, I've been writing since I was 5, so even when I was a child, it was how I let things go and gave them back to the universe.

Posting several screen shots of a conversation between her and Lil Wayne, Karrine appeared fed up with Wayne’s antics.


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