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On the downside perhaps is the fact that fewer people speak English (or any other foreign language), but the natural hospitality of the people of Konya usually makes up for that.

In the city of Konya you can travel with the dolmuş minibuses, public urban buses (belediye otobüsü), tram or taxi.

Most sites of interest, though, with the notable exception of the suburb of Meram, are clustered in the city centre and are within walking distance of each other.

Turkish Airlines [1] and Pegasus Airlines [2] offer flights from Istanbul to Konya Airport (IATA: KYA, ICAO: LTAN), located about 18 km out of city.

In the summer period it's also possible to fly from various European countries, such as Netherlands, Germany, Norway, Denmark.

Konya is also one of the most conservative cities in Turkey with more women covering their heads with headscarves (though visitors will notice that the number of women covering is perhaps slightly above 50%).