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There are a few sites out there with much more detailed VIN info, this is just a guide to get you started.

1903-1930 1A = FL/FLP-1200 2A = FLH -1200 3A = XL - XLH-1000 4A = XLCH-1000 5A = GE-750 6A = SS-350 Sprint 7A = SX-125 8A = M65-S 7B = ERS 8B = MSR-100 2C = FX -1200 3C = SX-350 Sprint 5C = MC-65 6C = SR-100 1D = LE Sidecar 2D = X-90 3D = Z-90 4D = XLA 5D = SX-175 6D = SX-250 7D = MX-250 9D = FXE - 1200 4E = XLS-1000 5E = FXEF-1200 6E = FXEF-80 7E = FLHS-1200 9E = SS-250 2F = FXS - 1200 3F = SXT-125 4F = SS-175 6F = SS-125 7F = XLCR-1000 2G = XLT-1000 3G = FLH-80 5G = FLT-80 6G = FXE-80 7G = FXS-80 9G = FXWG-80 1H = FXB-80 2H = CLE-80 Sidecar 3H = FLH-80 Classic 5H = FLHS-80 6H = FL-80 7H = FLH-1200 Police 8H = FLH-1200 Shrine 9H = FLH-80 Police 1K = FLH-80 Shrine AA FLH - 80 AB FLHP - 80 Chain AC FLH - 80 Shrine Chain AD FLH - Classic AG FLH - Classic w/ sidecar AH FLHP - 80 Belt Deluxe AJ FLH - 80 Heritage AK FLHS - 80 AL FLH - 80 Shrine Belt BA FXE - 80 BB FXEF - 80 BC FXS - 80 BD FXB - 80 BE FXWG - 80 BF FXSB - 80 BG FXDG BH FXST BJ FLST/FLSTC BK FXSTC BL FXSTS BM FLSTF BN FLSTN BP FXSTSB AE 1981 FLT AF 1981 FLTC DA FLT 19 only DB FLTC DC FLHT DD FLHTC DE FLHTC w/ Sidecar DG FLHTC Shrine DH FLTC w/Sidecar DJ FLHTC 1986 - present DK FLTC Shrine DM FLTCU - Ultra DN FLTCU - Ultra w/Sidecar DP FLHTCU - Ultra DR FLHTCU - Ultra w/Sidecar DS FLTCU - Ultra Shrine DT FLHTCU - Ultra Shrine EA FXR EB FXRS EC FXRT EE FXRDG EG FXRS-SP Sport Edition EH FXRD EJ FXRC EL FXLR EM FXRS - CON FA FLHS FB FLHR-I Injected FC FLHTCU-I Injected FD FLHR FE FLTCU-I Injected FF FLHTC-I Injected CA XLH XLH 1000cc 1981 - 1985 XLH 883 1986 - 1987 XLH 883 Deluxe XLH 1100 XLH 883 1988 - present XLH 1200 CB XLS 1981 - 1985 CC XLX 1981 - 1985 CD XR-1000, 1983 - 1985 CE XLH 883 Hugger 1987 - present CF XLH 883 Deluxe 1988 - present CG XLH 1200 Custom CH XLH 1200 Sport BB = FXSTDI BH = FXST BJ = FLSTC BL = FXSTS BM = FLSTF BR = FLSTS BS = FXSTD BT = FXSTB BV = FXSTI BW = FLSTCI BX = FLSTFI BY = FLSTSI BZ = FXSTSI DC = FLHT DD = FLHT DG = FLHTC Shrine DJ = FLHTC FB = FLHRI FC = FLHTCUI FD = FLHR FF = FLHTCI FG = FLHTCUI With Sidecar FH = FLHPI FL = FLHTCUI Shrine FM = FLHTPI FP = FLTR FR = FLHRCI FS = FLTRI FT = FLHPEI GD = FXDL GE = FXDWG GH = FXD GJ = FXDX GK = FXDP GL = FXDXT GX = SIDECAR TLE HA = VRSCA HX = SIDECAR RLE JA = FXSTBI JB = FXSTDI KX = SIDECAR TLE ULTRA PE = FXDWG3 PF = FLSTDSE PG = FLHRSEI2 From 1970-up, the title always goes with the frame, not the engine.

This new number scheme used three letters and four numeric digits. The key point to remember for Gun Values Board queries is that if your S&W revolver has a letter in front of the serial number, that letter is part of the number.

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This article contains just about everything regarding vehicle numbering that I know about. The first 7 digits for all types of numberings, that I know of, are the serial number, and you can enter them into any serial number search.

Information generally applies to your automobile and truck, etc., besides your motorcycle(s). You are advised to slowly read the entire article, and then re-begin; and look at your own bike(s), car, truck, etc. This means that if you have 8 digits at the beginning, 7 are used for the serial number.

Near the end of that run, an internal change was made in the lockworks, which was designated by an ‘S’. When the war ended and civilian production picked up again, the postwar Military & Police revolvers got a simple ‘S’ prefix until the Victory number series ran out. S&W had a policy of never going to more than 6 numeric digits in a serial number sequence.) So, in March, 1948, the company needed a new letter prefix for the .38 Military & Police line. No one seems to know why it was a ‘C’ and not some other letter, but ‘K’ had already been chosen for the target K frame series and ‘C’ apparently seemed a logical choice for the fixed sight K frame guns.

The ‘C’ prefix remained in use for those revolvers until C999999 was reached at the end of 1967. Meanwhile, N frame revolvers were given an ‘S’ prefix for the serial sequence.

After the Second World War, S&W began using one-letter prefixes on several models of revolvers. This was the beginning of the ‘V’ (for Victory) prefix.