Kat dennings michael cera dating

Their paths become entangled in a quest to see a band called Where's Fluffy that is so indie it doesn't even announce the location of its shows until an hour before hitting the stage.Careening around Manhattan and Brooklyn in Nick's disintegrating orange Yugo, the two realize they're made for each other (of course).

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After talking his bandmates into taking an inebriated Graynor home, Cera and Dennings head off into the city together, presumably to listen to more music.

While Cera tries unsuccessfully to convince random strangers that his tiny car is not a taxi, his bandmates lose track of Graynor, who end up in an alley with a cigarette-smoking Jesus.

After Dennings talks Cera into posing as her boyfriend for a few minutes, the pair makes a connection over their shared interest in music and takes off into New York City to try to find a secret show being played by one of their favorite bands.

The Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist trailer starts off with Cera struggling to get his beat-up, yellow Yugo started.

Dennings, the lesser known quantity of the two, is more a revelation.