Keep dating alive during marriage

He's thinking: "Wow, she looks sexier and hotter than I've ever seen her -- boy am I turned on!" She's thinking: "I'm nauseous and tired and I feel like a blimp -- if he so much as touches me one time I'm going to scream!Because in truth, when you build a life with someone, there are many equally important components that go into the mix," says Lauren Howard, CSW, a psychotherapist in private practice in New York.

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Public opinion is so slanted that we’ve been programmed to believe that deterioration of our sex life is endemic after the first two years of a relationship. If you are a person with a high desire level, a high-T person, you may not need a lot of attention to be sexually aroused, but your partner, a low-T person, may.

However, this doesn’t have to be the case, and it is not for millions of couples. Time pressure from work, domestic responsibilities, commuting, and social commitments make it a challenge to find quiet, private moments with a partner. Be willing to meet your partner’s arousal needs, and be romantic in the ways your partner prefers, even though it may not be your cup of tea.

If, however, the woman continues to think of herself as a sexual being -- and she realizes that overall, most men find their pregnant partners incredibly sexy at every stage and size -- then both partners have a better chance of continuing to relate to each other in the same intimate way they did before conception, with or without intercourse.

And, in fact, many experts agree that part of what can keep intimacy alive is for both partners to continue the sexual bond they previously established, and to try to continue to satisfy each other's physical needs as they arise.

"You don't want to give more than you can afford, but you better be giving something to each other, says Howard.