Leo man dating capricorn woman

Initially, the Leo man, seeing that he does not have any objections and resistance, can teach the Capricorn woman how she should behave, talk, dress and make her hair...In the end, his fiancee can turn around and leave without much words.If you have children, Leo is a very good parent - very interested in children's welfare, (s)he gets so involved in everything that has to do with them that (s)he almost sinks into his/her second childhood.

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Zodiac sign Leo is proud, stately, considers himself the ruler of all living things and demands absolute obedience of his lion's power.

For Leo, the laws of morality and honor are immutable sacred, and he is similar to the Capricorn woman as such.

When they are about to get to the university, you are the man they need; I don't take into consideration the money that you have been saving for their studies, but you can advise them about the career they should choose.

Although you might come to taking lessons to climb this mountain of stubbornness, Capricorn and Leo have many things in common.

In fact, the Capricorn woman does not like to reveal her soul, she is afraid to expose her feelings to others, even to her most loved people.