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Her influence on the emotional aspects of the script are still there.

I heard her explain this at a Q&A following a screening of Valley Girl.

To thank you for contributing to the enhancement of our astrological database, we shall be glad to send you the astrological portrait (34 pages) of this celebrity.

Celebrities born the same day: Henry VIII of England, Sabrina Ferilli, John Cusack, Elon Musk, Jean-Jacques Rousseau, Anny Duperey, Kathy Bates, Fabien Barthez, Mel Brooks, Kellie Pickler, Cali (singer), Peter Paul Rubens... Celebrities being the same height: Britney Spears, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Emmanuelle Bart, Pablo Picasso, Bjrk, Tina Turner, Isabelle Adjani, Victoria Beckham, Elizabeth II, Pink (singer), Drew Barrymore, Winona Ryder... Celebrities having the same aspect Moon sextile Pluto (orb 017'): Justin Timberlake, Katie Holmes, Romy Schneider, Bono (U2), Joan Baez, Zac Efron, Sean Penn, Osama bin Laden, Charlne, Princess of Monaco, Marie Curie, Sting (musician), Aleister Crowley... Celebrities having the same aspect Moon sextile Uranus (orb 019'): Mel Gibson, William Shakespeare, Michael Fassbender, Clara Morgane, Zooey Deschanel, Charles, Prince of Wales, Muammar al-Gaddafi, Ylenia Carrisi, Sigourney Weaver, John Wayne Gacy, David Grohl, Mark Ruffalo... Astrology Data Base updated Sunday, 29 January 2017 at am, CEST52,011 celebrities and events, out of which 22,041 entries with a known time of birth.

I was totally in love with him (still am to this very day, he will always be a part of my life and in my heart)...


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    Marcus passionately explained his movie, the gap his work was filling, the bridge he was crossing, the new frontier he was exploring.

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    "Beach Encounter" was an entry for the "Sapphic Erotic Festival" on September 7th, 2002 (later on she did a re-writing which is on her site). (MF oral anal tease mild bd) Website: Included Golden Clitorides Award 1999 Story of the Year, CEL-332: 10-9.5-9.5 Bed (Ar)Rest CEL-304: 10-10-10 Blinded CEL-305: 10-9-9 Illusion Owl: CEL-308: 10-10-9 New Beginnings Bitbard:10-10-10 *Cel-300 Not a Chance CEL-360: 10-10-10 Running From the Wind The Chair (59k) Visions CEL-328: 10-10-10Flashback: Cousins (Full version) (205k) Pleasuring Pam (31k) Rock Star (70k) _The Adventures of Diana and Mike_ - A Slave's Story, Pt. posts since 1999 and still ongoing `Nightmares and Visions', short vignettes he gets/got per email from an anonymous source, all of them are kind of bondage. The other stories are also weird and often contain SF-elements.