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Mature chatbots

I’m tempered to write that only a few years ago most of the people I know couldn’t imagine a medical chatbot that could work as a nurse. Let’s be honest, nowadays most of the people can hardly imagine a machine that helps in diagnosing illnesses as well.

You know, it’s popular to start an article with flashbacks so you would be able to relate the topic to your experience, evaluate the relevance and so on. For many preceding centuries, technological progress used to show up to people who are not from the field by means of major discoveries. It insists on the scope of inventions that take place here and there all over the world globe. From one point it makes you unimpressionable, from another one – you don’t focus on them anymore.

And Indeed, high-powered computers are one of the most significant advantages of the modern technological era.

Just think for a moment about that AI development was stuck for half a century because ML was impossible without processing a lot of data and learning from it. Only in the 21st century, we’ve got it enough to effectively build such systems.

Today it’s not only about worldwide companies but about each of us who leverage “smart” automation.