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I know the Queen thinks she has done much for me in giving me the government, and I thank her for it, and yet, but for her service, I could wish I had never known the place"What perhaps annoyed him most was the government's apparent indifference towards him after a series of military and diplomatic successes.

He was in Brittany, for example, in 1593, and the following year visited Henri IV of France.

I see Flushing must be the grave of my youth, and, I fear, of my fortune also, he bewailed in 1597, and two years later:"I have been governor there now ten years and have got neither reputation nor profit, but rather lost thereby, seeing that all of my own rank have been preferred, and some that were behind me set on a level with me or before me.

And if now I go back without any sign of the Queen's acceptance of my service, the world may well say that the place I had I got by chance, since, after so long continuance of it, I am not thought worthy of any more.

The outcome was that, combined with his father's position in the marches and his sister's "These are to request you that you will give your election, with such friends as you can procure, unto my brother Robert Sidney, that by your means, with the residue of my friends and freeholders there, he may be chosen knight of the shire ...