Muslim dating in south africa

It is capitalism’s unscrupulous ability to adapt to obstacles like culture, people’s preferences, habits and moods that make it the most powerful institution on Earth.

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How do you make an app that reforms the ‘hook-up culture’ we’ve come to know and love into something halal, everlasting and ultimately something our parents would approve of?

Thirty-year-old Shahzad Younas, a British-Pakistani entrepreneur says he has the answer: Muz Match, a matchmaking service takes its cues from Tinder, but caters exclusively to Muslims.

One can get halal tour packages to Turkey, Malaysia and the UAE, skipping the skimpy beaches entirely and focusing instead on the breadth of Islamic history.

For only Rs6 per day, you can get your daily hadith on your cell phone.

Currently Muz Match is working on an android app and will also offer a wide range of languages in the future to cater to Muslims across the world.