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We've seen Gibbs get very heated with JAG reps, attorneys, police officers, even the Director and Sec Nav.

However, as he was escorting Dillon out of the police station and was stopped by the arresting officer, he was very calm and mild-mannered. :-) : Kathleen said it so well that I'll move on to something else.

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: I suppose gender would lead to the de facto response of "big brother", but when he said that, my first thought was "JEEZ..are you? " It was a good line, but it could have come directly from Bishop herself as "Thanks..husband thinks so too!

" Last week, we saw her get real with Gibbs so having her fend for herself might have helped show that her character was changing from mousy to gutsy. The guy was being a jerk but Bishop seems more than capable of handling that and it's hard to tell sometimes if Mc Gee is being a concerned friend or if jealousy is involved.

Jimmy Palmer annoyed the heck out of me in this episode.

I know his rambling is suppose to be cute and obviously it's ramped up with impending fatherhood but Palmer was more grating than usual.

Overall his "big brother" act feels a little off to me. Just when the series ends, a little footnote that says Abby and Mc Gee lived happily ever after and had super smart goth babies. The women can take care of themselves - as we saw with Bishop.