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Dave Nelson, station manager for most of 's run, is the calm focal point for the station.

Monte Russell [ Paramedic ] Bill suffers when a new law is passed banning smoking in the workplace.

To help Bill give up cigarettes, Dave volunteers to give up his addiction, coffee.

See more » : Oh, I remember one time my father came home from a night on the town, which of course had turned into a week, and my mother said, "John, is there anything you won't drink? Every character is wonderfully written and hilariously portrayed by a cast of excellent actors.

Dave Foley, from Kids in the Hall, is great at playing the dead pan and sarcastic new boss "Dave." And of course Phil Hartman and Andy Dick steal the show as a great combination of stand up and slapstick.

The series is set at WNYX, a fictional AM news radio station in New York City populated by an eccentric station owner and staff.


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