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I misjudged my hotness, but that didn’t discourage me.I started to search for my captain in my quaint, fake hometown.

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Do you enjoy assembling tiny ships inside bottles or making sculptures out of driftwood that you find on the beach? Then News Feed has the dating website for you: Sea Captain!

The only website dedicated to Sea Captains and the women (or men) who love them. According to the website’s testimonial, all you have to do is log onto “one of them computer terminals and Google the Internet.” Then you create a dating profile and wait for your own personal Captain Ahab to come snatch you up.

A lot of marine biologists on there and people who sell boats too. We aren’t sure if they’re real, or trying to get out of the country.

Basically anyone who owns a boat calls themselves a captain. We’re a smaller site, so it’s hard to moderate some of of these accounts. I hate to make Hoyt’s job as a moderator harder, but I had to set up an account just to find out.

I'm guessing the entire site is a joke dreamed up by Gladis.