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If a species reproduces by pair-mating but has no distinction between sexes, then I think it's fair for us in English to call them unisexual or synsexual. If there is only one type of person, there is only one direction and therefore, the very concept of direction is meaningless. Her characters are capable, under certain stimuli, of developing either male or female sexual characteristics, so the same individual may at one time bear a child and at another beget one. @bib observes, correctly, that "In a world of one gender, there is no gender." Consequently OP's supplement— 1 for Le Guin's early challenge to our concept of thinking about people as "male" or "female" when they are at least both, but the minecraft world is almost the opposite with a singleness of gender that renders it not there rather than shifting and nuanced.

I agree bisexual doesn't make [email protected] I see it differently; I understand OP to be talking about reproductive stuff. And Notch's article, regardless of his title, talks about physical characteristics.yes, the gender multiplicity, shift, difference IS meaningful to us because in Human World we have the natural patterns of gender differentiation and affection orientation. Asexual isn't a good term in this case, because it means reproduction without the act of sex.

Many plants have no distinction between male and female organisms.

These plants are sometimes called unisex/unisexual "not distinguished on the basis of sex"; somewhat confusingly they are also called bisexual.

Pansexual or omnisexual also come to mind, but I think it should just be [email protected]: a) Mincing words is what this site is all about!