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Instead, you can look forward to 40-some hours of grueling combat and hair's-breadth victories. : As it's less than a year old, EOIV can be had at retail and via e Shop. : While it plays nothing at all like Bravely Default, this quirky action RPG helped pave the way for Square Enix's latest handheld RPG masterpiece. : You can get the remixed version for i Pad, which isn't too shabby... Actually, it was an attempt to have it both ways; it offered the medieval charm of old-school Final Fantasy and the fancy full-motion cutscenes of the Play Station era all at once.

You can customization combat frequency on the fly, and street passing with other players can make your characters much stronger. And both FFIX and Bravely Default began life as Final Fantasy spin-offs...

There were even bonuses for putting your system into sleep mode! : The World Ends With You feels more like Persona in terms of its setting -- modern-day Tokyo -- but it plays like nothing else. And on top of that, there's actually some moral substance to the story. though they went different directions, with FFIX becoming a core Final Fantasy title and Bravely Default becoming something else altogether. : FFIX turned out to be a last hurrah for the classic Final Fantasy aesthetic before the series jumped off altogether into the funky sci-fi aesthetic that FFVII and FFVIII precipitated.

You guide protagonist Neku with the DS stylus on the bottom screen, activating your current set of attacks with gestures and taps while moving him to safety; with your other hand, you use DDR-like inputs to command Neku's current companion. But there's something really appealing about seeing a rustic fantasy world and a four-member combat party in the context of a detailed, cinematic 32-bit Final Fantasy. : It's on Play Station Network and runs on Play Station 3, PSP, and Vita. This article may contain links to online retail stores.

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