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The biggest challenge of this notion, especially being a guy, is people not being either freaked out about the idea of not being monogamous, or thinking it is a scam on my part, and I'm just lying in order to complete some conquest.

Openmarriagedating com

And finally, is there such a thing as just wanting to meet people of the opposite sex to find out if there is a friendship there without it being suspected of being something more (i.e., just looking for sex, looking for long-term romantic relationship, etc)? I hope you don't judge me harshly based on my unconventional views, but I am prepared for that, as I have found that monogamous people are pretty protective of the "one on one" relationship, and also of the ownership of another person that goes along with that, so I'll try to keep a thick skin there.

Cheers, Davewell if thats what it takes to keep the marriage going and the two of you agree then that works for you.myself i won't get into a relationship with anyone that is married or seperated only because i want all of his attention. I think divorce in this country, and so many people cheating outside their marriage shows "one and only" is rare though.

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Hi everyone, I have a question for anyone who would be willing to give there opinion.

SO THANKS FOR POSTING A GOOD THREAD THAT MAY JUST OPEN SOME EYES AND PEOPLES MINDS TO SOMETHING DIFFERENT... If you were sneaking around and deceiving your wife, then I would have plenty to say about it. According to the dictionary, I am faithful to my wife as she is too me. Yes she does, and I will let her see what I'm talking about here and ask her if she minds being a part of the discussion, or minds me divulging her name.