Orthodox christianity and dating

Their deep Christian faith was evident in the worship services as well as the panel discussions, lectures and even while socializing with friends in the hotel lobby.

The worship services were definitely Protestant in nature and did not particular draw me in as an Orthodox Christian, however, what astounded me was the lack of a single answer to the question: What does it mean to be a committed Christian and gay?

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The discussion is already taking place in very small circles.

It is time for the episcopacy to step up to reality, be good shepherds and heal the wounds of those they have cast aside.

The Orthodox Church encourages, and indeed will only bless, marriages that are between an Orthodox Christian and another Christian.

And the Orthodox Church recognizes that sometimes people sin and need to separate from their spouse and offers the couple the opportunity to marry someone else within the Church.

Still others were dating people of the same sex and hoped to one day be married in their church.