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But Chester digs her and she seems to dig him, which is the important thing.But in my experience, this is the exception, rather than the rule.Christy Cutliff was willing to sign up to a paid dating website so she could earn enough money to pay for an operation for her dog Foxy. The 42-year-old from Orlando, Florida, was able to find a rich suitor named Frank Befera, 47, who paid 00 (£1,050) to fix the Pomeranian.

Here's a question for you: When you date, do you want your romantic partners to also have dogs?

Or, if you're out of the dating market, did you seek out people with dogs to date when you were actively dating?

Here’s why you should put your dog park daydreaming to rest… Sex is (usually) loud, and looks violent even if it’s not. One relationship ended just a few weeks in, when my dog chewed through her favorite dildo. Reality: the dog needs to poop, pee, run, eat, and play, first thing in the morning. You will find yourself moving in with the dog, which brings me to the last point: unexpected dog ownership.

To a dog it’s intriguing and sometimes worth attacking. Be prepared to do all the trekking if you want sleepovers. Instead of breakfast in bed, your more likely to be trudging through mud pits in the dog park. The dog park isn’t really a romantic place for a date. In this new climate of treating our pets like children, if the dog was in your partner’s life before you, it will probably always be number one. This is a good thing only if you’ve been wanting a dog — this specific dog — anyway.

SEE CATERS COPY " data-medium-file=" quality=80&strip=all&w=225" data-large-file=" quality=80&strip=all&w=768" class="img-align-center size-large wp-image-6349931" src=" quality=80&strip=all&w=768&strip=all" alt="PIC BY CHRISTY CUTLIFF / CATERS NEWS - (PICTURED: Christy and Foxy) - A desperate dog owner turned to PAID dating to save her beloved pooch when she needed surgery.


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