Play wii games without updating console Nerone vero cam

This may come as a shock to those of you who have messed around with ISOs for awhile, but a game like Wii Play is only 0.09 gigabytes. The extra stuff that makes the ISO 4.7 gigabytes is sheared off and you get a c ISO, or a compressed ISO. Other games with more textures and story play are bigger, like Metroid Prime 3, which is 4.1 gigs.

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I had the same Issue, but i used this link, the " Wii Fix" directtions(note read the steps and do not follow the video only for the ISO downgrader section).

s=572be6275e9d6c80bf00c2b65e5f85c1&showtopic=112945i had something similar i got error -1017, couldn't figure it out. I was able to install the Homebrew Channel using bannerbomb, but then I was using the old walkthru and managed to install c IOS36 rev7..I can NOT install anything from the Homebrew channel anymore.

I found at somewhat stable c ISO here: But, now I am running into another issue I've seen people have run into.  When  I press A in the version selection screen (which is the first screen after selecting the c IOS installer in Homebrew) my remote no longer communicates with my Wii and I'm left at this first screen.

I've tried my other remotes and simply waiting for over an hour with no positive results.

I select the WAD installation option as I seem to get further with that than I do with the Internet Option...