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Not more hp, but more ideas per hp – by managing good ideas, Porsche strengthens its innovative power.

The goal is creative competition among experienced members of staff and young talents.

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“And crazy enough, the person that I’m seeing is someone from my past.

Were excited to announce that the ladies of the hit @Bravo TV series @Real Housewives Atlanta are joining us as guest co-hosts all NEXT WEEK!

Porsha posted this photo of her and Duke posing for what could easily be a poster for a Hollywood action movie: Porsha later talked about her new bae on . She’s then asked why she decided to go public with their relationship when she had been so “tight-lipped” about previous relationships. But you know, his last name is Williams and then my last name is Williams so everybody thought that it meant that we were like family members.

And I don’t think he thought that was going to be the reaction. So we just held hands and we pressed send at the same time. “That means it’s official.” Here’s the clip: I hope Duke knows what he’s getting into, because dating a reality star — especially Porsha — can be quite the handful!

Production is the ­role model, while other company divisions follow. The Nobel Prize winner Linus Pauling once said, “If you want to have good ideas, you need a lot of ideas.” Ideas are one thing, collecting and channelling them is another. One of the company’s collecting points can be found on the ground floor of Building 4 in Plant 4 in Zuffenhausen: this mysterious room is called the “Innovation Room”, and has just enough space for 20 people.