Property data updating content

Servers should map error conditions to HTTP status codes.

Common examples include using 404 (Not Found) when receiving requests against a URI not defined by this server, 400 for a general error in the request and 500 for a server-side error while processing the request.

If a request does not have an header servers should default to the Atom representation. When sending a resource as part of a request or a response body, clients and servers should set the corresponding MIME type in the header.

Since in certain scenarios it is not possible for clients to control request headers, OData also has an optional query string option called $format that can be used to override the value of the request header (e.g. OData heavily builds on HTTP for its interaction model.

Atom Pub also introduces service documents, with a content-type of "application/atomsvc xml".

Clients can choose to support only specific content-types or all of them.

$filter=Rating gt 2&$orderby=Price&$select=Rating, Price this requests all products with a Rating greater than 2, sorted by Price in ascending order, and asks the server to only retrieve the Rating and Price properties.


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