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Spider-Woman was relaunched several months later with a new issue #1, still written by Hopeless and continuing the story from the previous volume.

Marvel Comics' then-publisher Stan Lee, said in 1978, shortly after Spider-Woman's debut in Marvel Spotlight #32 and the start of the character's 50-issue, self-titled series (April 1978 - June 1983), that the character originated because, I suddenly realized that some other company may quickly put out a book like that and claim they have the right to use the name, and I thought we'd better do it real fast to copyright the name.

Writer Brian Michael Bendis added Spider-Woman to the roster of the high profile New Avengers.

In 2009, the character received her second self-titled limited series, written by Bendis, which ran for seven issues.

So we just batted one quickly, and that's exactly what happened.


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