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The larger the xylem conduit, the more vulnerable it is to cavitation during freeze-thaw events (Ewers, 1985.

Therefore, embolism reversal can occur at lower (more negative) pressures in narrow vessels than in wide vessels, for instance, at −5.7 k Pa for 50-μm diameter vessels vs. In general, stems of temperate woody plants are able to overcome the potentially debilitating effects of freezing-induced embolisms.

No positive root pressures were detected in either species.

The mean frost depth (204 ± 11 mm) was deeper than all sampled roots of Seasonal patterns of xylem embolism (air blockage) in stems of temperate woody plants are well documented.

In addition to monitoring the seasonal change in conductivity and embolism, various phenological events were recorded including bud burst, cessation of leaf growth, cessation of twig elongation, peak flowering, appearance of fruit ( only), leaf color change, and leaf drop.