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Key banking sector companies have also moved some of their services to commercial property in Glasgow — Resolution, JPMorgan Chase, Abbey, HBOS, Barclays Wealth, Tesco Personal Finance, Morgan Stanley, Lloyds TSB, Clydesdale Bank, BNP Paribas, HSBC, Santander and the Royal Bank of Scotland.

Thus if you are keen to meet bankers, hedge fund managers, investment consultants and other high-paying professionals of the finance sector, Glasgow is one of best place to look around in UK.

Other areas in Glasgow where you are again likely to bump into wealthy finance professionals are the Commercial Center as well as the older Merchant City.

Explore Upmarket Shopping Destinations One of the best ways to meet rich singles in a city is to frequent places where they do their shopping and Glasgow is no different.

Glasgow became a burgeoning industrial town and production was mainly centered on ship building and marine engineering.