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Sarah, a 30-year-old graphic designer, met Matt through a colleague at the imaging tech company where they both worked.

"I didn't really notice him at first because he had a beard, and beards weren't my thing," she says.

"None were, and my work life would've been better if I'd known that."If you do decide to start a relationship, remember that others will probably pick up on the sparks.

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Here's the rule: You get only one shot at asking out a coworker.

If you ask repeatedly, says Green, you risk creating a hostile work environment for your crush, which can be defined as harassment.

D., an assistant professor at the University of Texas at San Antonio who studies office relationships.

"Nowadays work and life are very integrated." In that light, these stats aren't surprising: 37 percent of people have dated a coworker, according to a 2015 survey by Career Builder, and 30 percent of those relationships ended in marriage (proving that an office romance is not always a disaster).

He flaked on a weekend getaway, then stopped texting. When two careers are tangled, a what-if plan is key.