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I have checked Ally's site as well as Kami's page on the Moonshadow Tribe site and didn't find it, so I figured one of you fine folks might help a sister out! Think ' My So-Called Life' or ' Dawson's Creek'.

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Someone (most likely Mikey) tells Brian the baby probably isn't even his, but Brian nips that in the bud by saying, "I know it's mine because I'm the one who's pregnant" ' Dumbass! I feel sure I've got this saved somewhere & I thought it was a Draccone fic, but I've searched my documents using a variety of phrases & can't find it. Twins by Hi I was reading this on MW I think, but it was posted on LJ as well. Is there anyway that one of you lovely people (Yes I'm hoping that flattery will get me EVERYWHERE today, LOL) have "The Game" in a doc/pdf file that you can email me OR tell me exactly where to look so that I can read it?

This is really driving me bat-shit crazy, so if any of you know what fic I'm referring to, I'll love you forevah!!! I got list in NCIS ficus and lost track of this one. I've already tried looking in Shared Mirror but it isn't there. Thanks in advance for at least taking the time to read this!

When Brian wants to get another one - because it was obviously very, very safe - Justin kinda freaks a bit. :)Tags: angst, author: rena aka liberty diner, author: slave_o_spike aka hide the soap, author: wrenlet aka wrenscribbles, b/j different professions, b/j financial crisis, b/j in alternate reality/parallel unvrs, b/j in car crash or hit by car, b/j in the hospital, ben, brian cries or emotionally breaks down, death ? If I remember correctly Justin was knocked over a balcony railing and was unconscious. Tags: author: kimberleyqaf, b/j and that ol' cliff, b/j break up temporarily, b/j fight, b/j give each other jewelry, b/j have nightmares, b/j in the hospital, b/j injured, b/j partner discussion, b/j thinks the other is or may be dead, brian hurts justin & has to win him back, brian kicks justin out, friendship: brian-michael, friendship: justin-daphne, friendship: justin-michael, hurt-comfort fic, justin hurt or down a well, justin living in la, michael supports b-j relationship, rage comic or movie, s-4, violence PLEASE help with this story. Brian and Justin get back together after New York2. A client asks Brian about Justin and Brian says he can look at Justin but not touch(? I remember Brian taking Justin to the University he went to (Penn, I'm guessing? I'd like to read some fics where B & J are in high school together, but that aren't completely depressing angst-fests.

, death fic: major character, justin drives car that is not an element Does anyone have Server and Receiver by Ka Mi Ka Ze, or know where I can find it? I tried to check the tags but there are over 200 entries under the b/j injured tag. Deb UPDATE: Thanks cuivresdesaxe for finding it so quickly. I read this story awhile back and thought I had it saved. Brian and Justin are broke until Brian starts his new company 3. ) and they wind up on the roof of a building Brian had once considered jumping from. ** FOUND ** This is part of Morpheus' season 3 fics. It doesn't need to be total fluff, but I'd like something that doesn't focus on Brian being abused, or Justin being sent away, or some other super serious Lifetime movie kinda thing - something that's more typical high school, if that makes sense.

Ethan finds out at the hospital that he was just a kind of 'time out' for Justin, and Justin has always been Brian's partner. I'm going to go and search the tags, again, in case I missed them, but I didn't see anything that jumped out at me. I plan to post the question on my LJ, too, but I don't get a lot of hits over there. The website has a link to writing tips on its homepage. Admins, if this isn’t allowed here, please delete, Thank you.


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