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2x M-Touch 1x M-DMX) Support for M-Touch (Device Settings in Menu, Firmware Uploader) Velocity options for flash buttons (M-Touch) Add brightness control for M-Touch LEDs Timing options for flash buttons Add support for new BEAT button LED blinks on beat button GOTO CUE option to trigger Cue Macro Cuelist options F-Key Internal timecode macros and F-keys Multi-touch gesture support (Only M6 console or M-PC with multi-touch screens) Add fixture type channel option to override master control behavior (like CMY) Show fps for all incoming DMX streams i OS 8 support for M-Series Remote app Show keypad and playback faders on M-Remote (change orientation of device to show) OSC support in M-Remote (enables keypad and command line in M-Remote) Display the command line text on M-Remote Improvements Cuelist options (from title bar) should keep the last selected source User Interface performance (screen switching, Menus etc) Steppy disappearance of the wide screen popups Improved and shortened text labels throughout parameter channel strips M2GO/M2PC LCD screen corruption (shift) Color (CMY) channels following master control should be fixture type channel option Default value for backup current show first needs to be on Show an icon for user libraries in patch filter Stay in context-mode when displaying cuelist popup Save Show: delete name in 1 click License feedback on command line (click LIVE for more info) Ignore hidden (e.g.3.60 (27/10/2016) Includes Fixture Library 17-October-2016 Includes M-Series Manager New Features M-Series 3.60 changes the Universe licensing system and provides a free upgrade to all existing devices in the market.Every new and existing M-Series console allows the maximum Universe count based on its processor when 3.60 is installed.

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Existing shows update automatically - Updates to many fixtures for 2D layout and direct access support 3.44.604 (23/06/2015) New features M-PC can now be installed once and used in other user accounts (uninstall M-PC completely from PC in account of original installation, then reinstall to enable) Note: M-Series Training files and layouts are now located at C:\Users\Public\Documents\Maxxyz Files M6 console is now enhanced to 8 Universes by default.