Sap s066 not updating

You can choose one of the following update groups that are available in standard SAP:[Blank] If the field is left blank, the SAP credit management application ignores the SD documents and considers only open receivables and open special G/L items for calculating credit exposure.000012 This update rule is available for a sales order cycle that involves delivery.

In the event that a new order is created, the open order value is added to the exposure.

The customization at a high level involves the following steps: Defining a credit control area Assigning the credit control area to a company code and sales area Defining the permitted credit control area for a company code Defining credit risk categories Setting up credit groups Assigning credit groups to sales documents and delivery documents Determining active receivables per item category Setting up credit checks The following sections cover these customization steps in detail.

Defining a Credit Control Area A credit control area is an organizational unit responsible for monitoring, evaluating, and controlling the credit management operations.

It means that SAP did not want you to change the data.

If there is another user-exit where you get the data as import parameter, you may consider an "EXPORT to MEMORY" or better: creating two function modules like "Z_TABLE_PUT" and "Z_TABLE_GET" that transfer the table into a global variable of the function group.

Update rules In SAP, credit exposure is a sum of special liabilities, open receivables, open orders, open deliveries, and open billings.