deal with an intimidating - Sedating cat to get to vet

We finally got that situation under control, but there’s another problem. We’ve thought about taking her to a groomer or a vet, but a letter in your column scared us.

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If you’re not confident about effectively restraining her, arrange for a helper to come and hold her.

I have single-handedly cut off terrible mats from the back of our feral cat. First, chronic bronchitis and periodontal disease, both common in older breeds, need to be ruled out.

But, if you absolutely must travel with your cat, either because you are moving, or because you just really do not want to leave your cat alone with out you, we have a few travel tips for you to try and make it a little less stressful on all.

Fox: A few months ago, we adopted a nice cat named Maggie.

There needs to be some kind of veterinary regulatory procedures. Get a cost estimate that includes line items rather than bundling.