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Probably can’t even remember your own name Then I suddenly stop, and pull my cock out You feel the loss. Her: it is nice, that you know, that for the woman these are a special moment, rather than only normal fucking… Women rely on men to lead them to special experiences. It’s sad Her: therefore you’re special 😉 hehe Me: thank you now stop avoiding my question! Her: what I am supposed for you to say, since I don’t have experience 😛 Me: ok, shall I decide?Her: yes, please 😉 Me: ok, wait a minute Her: you aren’t finishing the book, by me yeah!Her: yes 🙂 Me: Ok, so you are bent over panties aronud your ankles waiting I keep my shirt on I just pull open my trousers (it’s imagination so I don’t wear a condom.

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The first five minutes is normal chat until I ask her what she’s wearing and take it from there. 😛 Me: yeah ok, right now I am imagining you in this imaginary kitchen there’s a radio playing in the background.

Note I soften myself in many places to come across a little more nice guy that usual, even though I’m advancing inch by inch. ” warnings apply for anyone who actually knows me personally. Wagner I think You are wearing white panties and a light beige bra.

you hit Me: So you are standing, leaning against the wall one of your feet is up on a chair I have my hands on your hips while I kiss your stomach I hold your thigh tightly with one hand while I unhook your bra with the other hand your bra falls to the kitchen floor, and your breasts are freed I look at them for a few moments. Then I move my head down and begin to blow lightly over your nipples, without touching You grab the back of my head. I wait until you are moaning, then I flick out my tongue and start to play with your breasts Her: you must absolutely have the shirt white, up to the half unbuttoned Me: business shirt?

Her: yes 😀 it is probably my single condition ;);) Me: maybe I just came back from work.

heh Me: So now I start thrusting going in and out slowly at first, making you savour each time very gradual I start to increase the speed make you feel my power You start moving alot You try to grip the wall You try to match my movement You try to pull me further in I reach around and grab your breasts. I want more” Your turn, what do you want me to do to you next?