Senior year dating sim d3 stuck at updating tools

Whatever type of game you want to make, keep it in mind, that’s how you decide what variables you need to keep track of, and how these variables will affect the ending. Now, don’t get too worried, you don’t even have to show the affection meter(though I’ll go over how to do that in another tutorial), it just needs to be there. As soon as the day counts down to zero, it’s game over! At the beginning of every day, the player can choose where to go/who to hang out with. Now all you need to do is write 30 separate scenes of interaction for each character and you’re golden.

In this tutorial, we’re going to make a little dating sim. Because I like dating sims, and so do a lot of people. When making a dating sim the first thing you need to think about is how many “dates” the Main Character can pursue. I think our lovely leading lady/lad having four potential dates is more than enough to handle! -Jenny_love-Derek_love-Robert_love-Veronica_love Simple right? So that’s done, and that’s great and all, but how does this get me multiple endings Ren'Pyhelpdesk? The last thing you want to add to this simple dating sim is a “Day” counter. I think 30 days is long enough to find magical looooovvveee. This is what your game should look like right under start. You as a creator need to figure out a way to make sure they met all four people, but once they do and know where they are, the romancing can begin! The player won’t necessarily see those scenes, but this way if they focus on a single character, you won’t run out of dialogue. Don’t worry about those short hand character names for dialogue. If you try to go upstairs, it increments the “wrong_answer” variable and sends you back to the beginning of the label.

Senior year dating sim

There’s two new farm hands, a stuffy young math nerd helping your grandpa with the finances, and someone helping grandma run the gift shop. But you aren’t about to let a bunch of interlopers ruin your last summer before senior year, and besides they are kinda cute…Yay! So, I think their names should be…“Jenny”, “Derek”. This also means you need to have 30 individual day interactions planned for each character, and that even if it’s day 15, if the player hasn’t talked to them before, they don’t act like its fifteen days they’ve talked. A simple way to do that is to keep a count of each time they talk, and have certain dialogue picked out for their first meeting and then other scenes picked out for each meeting in separate files. You introduce yourselves, and Jamie goes back inside to unpack.

Our leading Lady/Lad muses about their day and goes to sleep.

In this tutorial, I’ll be going over how to “get” multiple endings in your game.

A note before I start, there is always more than one way to get something done. This “multiple endings” code assumes the game decides the endings at the very end.

The pastebin link at the end isn’t going to have ALL the scenes made for you, but it will have the templates for you to expand it out to 30 days for each person.


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