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To send her home, Chaplin paid her train fare to New York which led to his arrest.

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Some attribute enactment of the law to the case of world champion heavyweight boxer Jack Johnson., he was prosecuted, and later convicted, for "transporting women across state lines for immoral purposes" as a result of his relationship with a white prostitute named Belle Schreiber; the month prior to the prosecution, Johnson had been charged with violating the Mann Act due to traveling with his Caucasian girlfriend, Lucille Cameron, who refused to cooperate with the prosecution and whom he married soon thereafter.

Cann, who was an organized crime figure from Minneapolis, Minnesota, was prosecuted and convicted for transporting a prostitute from Chicago to Minnesota. Cann was later prosecuted and convicted of offering a $25,000 bribe to a juror at his Mann Act trial. Diggs took their mistresses from Sacramento, California to Reno, Nevada.

United States (1917), which held that "illicit fornication" even when consensual constituted an "immoral purpose." In addition to its stated purpose of preventing human trafficking, the law was used to prosecute unlawful pre-marital, extra-marital, and inter-racial relationships.

The penalties would be applied to men whether or not the woman involved consented and, if she consent, the woman could be considered an accessory to the offense.

Not merely white women, but yellow and black women as well.