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"It's a full-time job for us so it doesn't have to be a second job for them."Nancianne Sterling, CEO of Target Love, a D. area—based outsourcing shop, says women who go for the full-package treatment "tend to work a lot and do nice things for themselves. They pay people to clean their house and do their laundry.

They can afford to off-load the things they don't have time to do themselves."One such woman is Monica Astley. The whole thing was stressful," says the 40-ish New Yorker.

(And all the boring eye-rolling put her to sleep profiles out there? Fill in the short pre-session worksheet then email it to me, so I can start getting to know you, and begin meditating on your dating profile before we even talk. Here’s the fun part of hopping on a call & discussing online dating.

Well, remember that game you played back in the day called Truth or Dare? How could you forget your default dare for that cutie! Want me to write a profile for you – and set you approximately 17,233 light years ahead of your competition? Click here to see some Dating Profile Examples You get instant access to your personal profile writing dashboard.

(Ghostwriters set up the account, attempt matches, engage in e-banter—do everything but show up at Starbucks in a red scarf.) A main target?