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I mention this because there are common jokes in Afghanistan with particular reference to some ethnic group, especially to minorities. For example, jokes that might offend women include ones which have any sexual topic or material in it.

First of all, Afghanistan is a complex country with different cultures depending on where in Afghanistan you are from.

I have spent most of my time in Afghanistan either in the North Eastern part of the country, or in Kabul.

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The best topic to discuss is asking Afghans about their lives, taking care to not raise any expectations unnecessarily.

As the economic situation of the people is extremely bad, sometimes asking about how they do will be interpreted as you trying to offer some help.

Afghans are very interested in comparing cultures and are always interested to hear a visitor’s opinion and views of Afghanistan.

They prefer not to discuss the war unless you know them well.

Men often hug each other and will shake hands with both males and females.