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Editor’s Note: Mulki Ali has written this article after her previous article about Somali women was widely read and shared across social media.

“I thought I must do right by us girls and smoke out the guys as well,” Mulki says. Wadaadka: This is the ultra-conservative guy who dons khamis that barely go down the knees and white socks and kufiya.

He doesn’t love himself and finds the prospect weird, and so he places that burden on a romantic interest which is toxic and unhealthy.

So when it fails, he acts a victim and laments that nice guys finish last and all girls are bitches who want to be mistreated. The Elitist Snob: He’s a literature buff who works a second job to be able to buy the complete Shakespeare collection.

He’s headed everywhere but goes nowhere, which is why he’s so loud and obnoxious. Control freak: He’s buff with big guns he’s honed at the gym, a loaded bank account, a wicked ride and a very controlling nature.