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Both Heoden and Hagena, Hild’s father, are mentioned a line before Wada in Widsith, suggesting that the story was well known to the composer of the poem.

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When his mission failed, he and Offa attacked the Romans, defeating them in the streets of Colchester.

Whilst this story is clearly unhistorical (for instance, there was no Roman Empire, Holy or otherwise, during the reign of Offa), it is curious that the eponyms of the two great boundary Dykes of western Mercia were associated by a twelfth-century writer.

Under the name Gado, he is portrayed as the son of a king of the Vandals who befriended Offa, King of Mercia.

As a champion of the just, he was temporarily able to frighten off the Romans who were preparing to invade Offa’s kingdom.

Between 19, he worked for the Chester City Council, developing an extensive knowledge of the region’s archaeology.


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