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Do I grin and bear the past, or can I have a little bit of fun to empathize with those whom have no problems tearing out a man's self worth and smoking it? From what I've noticed, as women get older they start caring less about looks and are more interested in other things such as compatibility,financial status,success in life etc. I actually have a real good story about the whole ugly duckling to swan scenerio. I remember in High school there used to be this fat chick with zits all over her face and no guy used to talk to her.

When I was younger I definitely would have chosen the revenge route. I was still nice to her, used to even chill with her sometimes during lunch and all the guys would be like what the hell you doing? We were at a club and I see this sexy girl in a red dress in the middle of the dance floor and she was literally surrounded by atleast 30 guys.

Don't let other people determine your view of yourself.

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Do I continue to be a nice guy and continue to take my lumps with a smile? I want to know what it is like to be so callously dismissive; I want to know what the power of choice feels like.

I want to be able to say, "oh, not good enough for you? Good luck finding someone better." Funny as this sounds, I want to know what it feels like to have a psychological safety net; much like those whom have done what personality (b) aspires to be.

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However, he now comes with a warranty that most women want: good looks.