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This is a key opportunity for you to gain general surgical experience as well as developing your gastroenterological knowledge.

All MB BS students must be confirmed as 'Fit to Practise' by the end of year meeting of the School's Professionalism Committee.

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The science and behavioural science material will often relate to your week's PBL case.

You will find out how to recognise and treat many of the diseases that routinely affect people; including the commonest cancer, the most frequent causes of infection in developed and less developed countries, and the common diseases that affect children and adolescents.

The elective gives you the opportunity for an four-week extended placement at the forefront of health provision anywhere in the world# from Papua New Guinea, to Potsdam to Plymouth, you have the chance to plan your elective destination and learn from and contribute to medical provision in a thoroughly immersed way.

Your focus will be on reproduction and female health.

You will learn about digestive diseases in all settings, over all ages.