Updating a stored procedure

You can update a stored procedure mapping after creating it.

This is useful when the original stored procedures has changed or when you need to rename the endpoint or update some of the default values.

After you have set up the call to the stored procedure by using the SQLServer Callable Statement class, you can then call the stored procedure by using either the execute or the execute Update method.

Code First Migrations is now capable of creating stored procedures.

When you configure a model to use stored procedures, Add-Migration will scaffold code to create the required stored procedures.

This feature has no impact on the default Code First Conventions. When mapping to an existing database that was not created by Code First, EF will ‘trust you’ that the shape of the database matches the shape of your model that was discovered/configured.

This is no different for stored procedures, EF will try to access the stored procedures using the shape defined in your model.

I have written several stored procedures that I have tested and are working for inserting, updating and deleting ... But, i had faced a problem while using the stored procedure with insert and update queries having both in the same stored procedure and by depending on the ...


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