sex dating in chimayo new mexico - Updating collection management

Choose a Calibre field to use for creating collections by selecting "Create" from the down down menu in the field's "Action" column.

See the Customization Details section in this post for extensive details on the options available.

updating collection management-15

Control the amount of space between the edge of the screen and the text.

The Kindle allows you to set to a few values (fewest, fewer, default), but you can use the plugin to set other margins (e.g. The Kindle does allow you to use a different font for your books without jailbreaking and without installing a font hack.

You can test your settings using Preview Collections without any changes being made to your Kindle.

Use the "Customize" menu option of the plugin to change what the plugin does.

You can add/remove books to collections, add/remove/rename collections, and see a list of books in collections that you can sort by title/author/date (so it is also a useful way to view your collections).


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