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It is very clean and people are very friendly I have enjoyed living here so for. I have no complaints so far with the place itself, neighbors or the community So far I'm pretty satified with how quickly the staff response to maintenance request to get the job done.I come from small town in the country so very different from what I'm use to. Would recommend to someone looking for a place to live. I feel the staff stepping their game up with tending to the needs of the tenant and not allowing the issue to linger. I like the location of the complex however the display models are in much better condition than the actual units..at least my unit.Upon moving in, day one the furnace went out and my family and I had to sleep in cold conditions, the unit was deemed 'move-in ready' but there were several things within the unit that needed repair.

I am content with my town home in general, I am not at all happy about the disorganization of the office, the miscommunication or the computer system that is used.

I am also not happy about the office staffs unwillingness to meet with me on a Saturday so that I can speek to someone face to face.

The townhouse is very clean and in great condition.

Maintenance has already fixed things already, so they seem to be dependable.

We pride ourselves on being responsive to resident requests and will work on continuing this. I ENJOYED THE SERVICE I RECEIVED FROM THE OFFICE THEY WERE NICE AND COURTEOUS THROUGHOUT THE WHOLE PROCESS AND THEY EVEN PROVIDE FOLLOW UP CALLS THE FIRST WEEK, AFTER 10 DAYS, 30 DAYS, ITS GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE. I moved into my one bedroom and It has been AWESOME!!!! I truly love my apartment and new area of living!!!!!!! The area seems to be very Safe, clean,and quiet..everyone has been helpful and easy to communicate with.