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They will also help to prevent debris such as leaves and twigs from building up inside the chimney which will be of particular interest for those who have trees overhanging their property.

Chimney cowls can be sourced via the internet and there are numerous options available in terms of both aesthetics and design.

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Chimney cowls are a common sight on both domestic and commercial chimney pots and will normally be provided to stop pigeons or birds entering the pot or as a means of preventing debris such as leaves and twigs building up inside the chimney.

Some bird-specific chimney cowls are dual-purpose offering a steel mesh wall to stop pigeons or birds entering the chimney pot combined with a steel ‘hat’ to prevent rain from entering the chimney pot.

Carbon monoxide detectors, or smoke detectors combined with carbon monoxide detectors, can be fitted to warn of danger but these devices are expensive, certainly relative to the cost of a chimney cowl.

Other problems include baby birds falling down the chimney as a result of poorly constructed nests as well as debris such as twigs and leaves (and resultant soot) falling down the chimney into fireplaces below.

The most common type of chimney cowl is the round balloon-shaped cowl made from wire mesh that is available in several different widths to fit most chimney pots.