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See Top Tutorials Web Site - NO guarantees related to content you add NOTE: You may add Adult content from Fusion's xxx-adult folder, if desired.

Do NOT Add: from start-here, as it will reset Kodi to just installed condition undoing all your configuration work.

TV - Various video on demand Content Portico - Video content from various sources, some stream better than others Project Free TV - MUST HAVE! Fork - Lots of good Movie and TV content with high def sources, and Auto-plays well - Requires Mr Know to be added first.

- much content, and many choices for your stream - If one does not work, or is sluggish, you can choose another Revision3 - Plenty of Video Content which is Independent - not conventional TV shows Rich Planet TV - Video on a wide range of information mainstream media does not cover Russia Today News - Round the clock News, Documentaries, Talk Shows, Debates, Sports and Culture Smithsonian Channel - Educational - High Quality stream and video quality from the Smithsonian Snagfilms - If you are desperate to watch something different - Only the Search wields results, but not what you searched for -Something! Sports Devil - Used to stream sports Sports Illustrated - Sports Illustrated Video Indexed for you, and on demand - High Quality stream, and video Stream All The Sources - This provides one interface to find streams of Movies, and TV from many different sources. NOTE: A FREE Trakt account is required, and adds a feature to Stream All The Sources.

Halow Live TV - Live streaming TV - This add-on is commonly used to stream live sports events, but has other content Hardware.


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