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A possible work-around would be to attempt to update your console at a more optimal performance time, such as early in the morning (2AM - 10AM), as you are more likely to encounter a receptive updating time with people at school or work.This is a minor issue and should be fixed within a few days after the consoles launch on November 22.We've contacted Microsoft to find out why these instructions, and their associated download links, have been removed.

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All installed games and apps should be updated automatically.

Also while the Xbox is off and instant on is selected games and apps should auto update.

Inserting a disc and installing it should be an easy task, but things have gone awry for some users.

Some of IGN's readers have noted that game installs seem to sputter out around the 97% mark, stalling out indefinitely.

Also you may also "Try Again" at least four (4) times before update takes effect.