who is chelsy davy dating now - Updating samsung bd p1600 blu ray player

Actually I think it goes to prove just how inept their tech people are.I don't think they're intelligent enough to pull off a scam like this.This is just really an amazing trick Samsung is pulling...either pay for Samsung Tech support to install the old firmware, or you buy a new DVD player. this was using the then-std ISO format that has now been replaced by the rare, buggy, and to my mind, bizarre decision to use the RUF format.

Of course once you replace your firmware with another there's not much chance the old firmware can be reset.

Considering a firmware update is a reprogramming of the machine. I already called the 1-800 number, they don't have a fix for this either.

Improves playback compatibility of some movie titles I performed the update via LAN and it worked but it was painfully slow to download the FW and upgrade!

from samsung.com: This Firmware update provides the following benefits: 1.

There's a slight, unusual hum on the audio channel, but nothing that invites, suggests, or implies any action.