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Hammer used the Fairlight CMI IIx, a computer based music workstation consisting of an 8-bit sampler, digital synthesizer, MIDI controller and sequencer.

The Fairlight enabled Hammer to score and perform the entire show's music single handedly.

Castillo recognizes a connection to a far larger criminal organization, one that has encountered in the past, when he worked as a DEA agent in Thailand.

The Vice squad puts their other cases on hold to help Castillo bring down Lao Li (Keye Luke), a Chinese drug lord who killed Castillo's DEA colleagues 5 years ago, who is now living in Miami with his extended family and holding Castillo's former wife (Joan Chen) hostage to deter Castillo from acting against him.

Crockett later confronts "Rafael" and discovers that he is actually Ricardo, Rafael's younger brother and a New York street cop, who is seeking revenge on Calderone, for killing his brother.


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    ALEC was founded in 1973 in Chicago as the Conservative Caucus of State Legislators a project initiated by Mark Rhoads an Illinois state house staffer, to counter the Environmental Protection Agency, wage and price controls, and the defeat of Barry Goldwater in the 1964 presidential election. Early members included a number of state and local politicians who went on to statewide office, including Bob Kasten, Tommy Thompson, and Scott Walker of Wisconsin, John Engler of Michigan, Terry Branstad of Iowa, Mitch Daniels of Indiana, and John Boehner and John Kasich of Ohio. ALEC spokesman Bill Meierling discussed the document in 2013 and said that ALEC does not draft model bills on social issues, and added, "I'm also sad that the critics would not acknowledge that organizations change over time." According to Dolores Mertz, then a Democratic Iowa state representative and chairwoman of the ALEC board, ALEC became increasingly partisan during that period, with Roman once telling Mertz "she didn't like Democrats and she wasn't going to work with them." By 2011, the number of ALEC legislative members had reached 2,000, including more than 25 percent of all state legislators nationwide.