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Certainly, there are others -- but I've tried to find those who've not botoxed themselves ugly, or had so much plastic done that they now look like a foreign being. If you're older than me, you'll remember her for the absolute stunner she was -- see the photo below for details.

She's really a fantastic actress, and she's aged so gracefully, it's amazing. Tina Turner is almost 70 years old, and her body rivalled that of Beyonce during the Grammy performance.

They're glamorous, about their bodies."People of all ages need to know how to protect themselves when having sex with a new partner.

In England in 2011, STI diagnoses in the over-45 age group included 4,961 people with genital warts, 3,343 with genital herpes, and more than 1,700 with gonorrhoea.

I have never been a huge Susan Sarandon fan (I'm sure it has something to do with the Rocky Horror Picture Show thing) but there's no denying her timeless sex appeal. Yes, Miss Hutton lived the life one would expect a gorgeous woman to live. I don't know if her looks are owed to her cosmetic line or not, but the woman looks fab, and she's definitely still sexy at 60. Think she's just a sweet old lady who won an Oscar for portraying the Queen? A quick google will show you that she has a thing or two in common with Miss Sarandon.


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    If it lacked focus (what was this film actually about? While Riley is sympathetic as Kerouac's own cypher Sal, Hedlund doesn't quite manage to make the very tough to like Moriarty (modelled on beat poet Neal Cassady) charismatic enough to convince as a magnetic force.

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