When does house dating cuddy

When Cuddy started dating him, she told him she could accept him just the way he was ... And while she's a doctor and knows the reality of his situation, I think she was able to convince herself for a long time that things would turn out OK.But when someone with House's drug history starts using again, it's a seismic event.

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Complete (12 Chapters)After House crashes his car through Cuddy's home, both strive to rebuild their lives and deal with the consequences of their broken relationship. Can they balance this new dynamic with the one they have at work? Sequel to "A Dark Inclination." CONTAINS ADULT SITUATIONS. " No one likes to mess with Help Me, but it could be fun, right? Huddy begin an affair when the baby Cuddy had through a donor insemination is sick in the hospital. Damn, do we need to pretend "Bombshells" never happened! House goes all Papa Bear in defense of Rachel and Cuddy. & I don't own these characters or they wouldn't have been utterly destroyed this season."He who seeks vengeance must dig two graves: one for his enemy and one for himself" Chinese Proverb. 62 chapters House/Cuddy along with Wilson, the Original Ducklings and a few OC's thrown in for good measure.

Well, maybe not fun, but interesting, and challenging, and … Cuddy is a single mom, but House gradually begins offering his support. Will cover how House and Cuddy first met and everything leading up to Before He Was One. It was a high time he set some things straight and come clean. Trying to get retribution from House, Cuddy learns that there is nothing more precious to lose than her own self. Set shortly after "Wilson"."The greatest thing you'll ever learn is just to love and be loved in return." He has spent the last 25 years learning how to love her, now it is time to conjugate the verb in the passive voice. This fic is very long and was originally posted on the Fox site.

That said, Cuddy doesn't break up with him because he took one pill.

We used House's addiction as a symbol of his inability to deal with pain.

Certain things that were incoherent arcs in S7 have been taken out of consideration. House: After that look I'm feeling a little frisky. Cuddy made the comment and I decided to take it to the next level. TBCWho do you turn to when your world comes crashing down, leaving you among wreckage and debris?


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