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In honor of all that, I was going to write this whole thing about why (for the billionth time), I was determined to get to the bottom of what makes this movie so special.

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He begs Mark (who, in Palindromes, revealed he had dealt with allegations of pedophilia) for forgiveness, as he made his mistakes before his bar mitzvah (an event marking the beginning of moral accountability).

Mark grants him forgiveness, but notes that such gestures are meaningless. In the background, Bill materializes in the same manner that Andy did earlier in the film, but walks off screen as the film ends.

Trish has for years told Timmy and Chloe that Bill had died, to avoid telling them that he is a pedophile.

Timmy finds out, however, and is angry at her that she lied to him.

The film was released by The Criterion Collection in July 2011.