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In November 2010, Wiki Leaks collaborated with major global media organisations to release U. State Department diplomatic "cables" in redacted format.

He talks about the Swedish constitution, which gives the information providers total legal protection.

These laws, and the hosting by PRQ, make it difficult for any authorities to eliminate Wiki Leaks; they place an onus of proof upon any complainant whose suit would circumscribe Wiki Leaks' liberty, e.g. Furthermore, "Wiki Leaks maintains its own servers at undisclosed locations, keeps no logs and uses military-grade encryption to protect sources and other confidential information." Such arrangements have been called "bulletproof hosting".

Media ethicist Kelly Mc Bride of the Poynter Institute for Media Studies writes that "Wikileaks might grow into a journalist endeavor.

But it's not there yet." Prominent First Amendment lawyer Floyd Abrams writes that Wikileaks is not a journalistic group, but instead "an organization of political activists; ... a conduit of leaked information to the press and the public." Noting Assange's statements that he and his colleagues read only a small fraction of information before deciding to publish it, Abrams writes that "No journalistic entity I have ever heard of--none--simply releases to the world an elephantine amount of material it has not read." Until August 2010, Wiki Leaks was hosted by PRQ, a Sweden-based company providing "highly secure, no-questions-asked hosting services".

It is to take the rights of the press outside the rights of the law because those rights are superior to the law because in fact they create the law.


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